Packaging for food & beverages

Few industries require packaging as varied as the food and beverage market. Its demands range from luxury packaging for biscuits and other treats to the sturdiest boxes for holding glass bottles and everything in between: there are wide trays for attractively presenting fruit, practical solutions for snacks on the go, and cartons that can withstand freezer temperatures.

We offer all that and more. Our location in the Netherlands means we are right at the centre of the thriving food industry, one of the country's most significant sectors. Many of our Dutch clients come from this sector, so we have plenty of experience with the complex demands of packaging food and beverages safely and securely. We can accommodate all requests regarding packaging shape and size, considering the type and weight of what it should hold and ensuring all materials are food safe.

But practical considerations are not all there is to it. Supermarkets, grocers, and online food shops are incredibly competitive spaces, and shoppers are having visual impact thrown at them wherever they look. So, branding and design are more important than ever. Our offset printing and other high-quality design options ensure that the way your product looks on the shelf reflects its quality and says precisely what you want it to.

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