Europe Packaging B.V. is a global packaging company with a major focus on manufacturing and supplying various packaging solutions to the industry and sustainable disposable packaging to different market segments in the food and non-food industry.


All industrial products are manufactured to the customer’s specifications and are produced with the highest standards and superior quality within a 7000 m2 modern manufacturing facility.

Our disposable packaging is produced with sensitive care for the environment and sustainability as well as for recycling. We are part of the community that helps the world to become a better and cleaner place.

To provide a better and more environmentally friendly service for Western European countries, we established Europe Packaging B.V. in a new branch in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Our dedicated team is now closer to customers and the market and is ready to facilitate your business needs. Our web-shop is also prepared for direct contact and meets your requirements as quickly as possible, yet the personal connection is also an essential part of our business. 


With the industrial packaging products, we have cardboard items with a specialty for corrugated boxes used in the automotive and logistic industry. The aviation industry - together with a range of shipping boxes - is also a part of our portfolio.


Our disposable packaging products are mainly available for the area of food and non-food. However, household and personal care are also part of our focus.

Markets segments as HORECA, retail, events, catering, fruits & vegetables can use the products we mostly sell out of stock from our warehouse in Amsterdam.



A major principal value at Europe Packaging B.V. is to work on an ethical base with respect for people, products, and origin.


We strongly support creating an open and honest relationship with all customers, suppliers, and employees, regardless of their race, religion, or color.

We will also meet our markets to deliver ultimate quality products and services and use only qualified material that helps us part in our earth's sustainability.

We strive to ensure that market demands are met and that we are committed to offering the ultimate quality products and services to all customers.



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