Are you looking for paper carrier bags? Carrying bags to neatly hand over your dishes or products for takeaway or home delivery? Top! The handy bags not only provide protection, but also the right looks. You can be sure that you will find the paper bag that meets all your needs with us.

The choice in the world for paper carrier bags is huge. Plain bags in neutral tones or striking colored bags with print, everything is possible. Of course, you can choose different versions. In our range, you will find bags of every size, with a flat handle or a twisted paper cord. Choose sustainable material such as kraft paper. Not only super strong but also very recyclable. This also shows that you attach great importance to sustainability.

Do you really want the paper carrier bag to be the business card of your company or organization? Then go for a trendy printed carrier bag. With a carrier bag with your name or logo, everyone can see where that great product comes from. Tell us what your wishes are and we will provide the appropriate printing.

  • Ergonomic paper handles
  • Made from eco-friendly and recyclable paper
  • Standard color: kraft / white
  • This product is delivered as flat, requires minimum storage costs and space. 
  • 100% biodegradable packaging
  • Can be ordered with custom design, size, and color.
Material KRAFT
with twisted or flat handle
Quality 80 -100 gsm
Print CMYK
  • Product Name PAPER BAGS Size 1
    PAPER BAGS Size 2
    PAPER BAGS Size 3
  • Dimensions 290x170x280 mm
    290x140x260 mm
    280x100x220 mm
  • Quantity Per Sleeve 250
  • Quantity Per Pallet 21000

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