PLMA's Online “World of Private Label” Exhibition

  • Place The Netherlands
  • Start Date 01.12.2020 09:00
  • End Date 04.12.2020 09:00

PLMA is introducing the Online “World of Private Label” Trade Show. The event, to be held 1-4 December 2020, will allow retailers and manufacturers to connect in real time with exhibitors in their digital stand. Join news anchor Judith Kolenburg and guest Jan Van Lier, PLMA’s International Trade Show Director, as they go over the details. Meanwhile, Pascal Kuipers takes a look at steps retailers and manufacturers are taking to make their offers more environmentally sustainable. Hans Kraak then illustrates how new packaging techniques are helping to facilitate these efforts.

For more than thirty-five years, PLMA’s annual “World of Private Label” International Trade Show has brought retailers together with manufacturers to help them find new products, make new contacts, and discover new ideas that will help their private label programmes succeed and grow.

Today, the need for new products, contacts and ideas is greater than ever. Private label market share in Europe is nearly 40% or more in eight countries and consumer acceptance of retailer brands has never been higher. But something dramatically changed in 2020: The crisis has made it impossible for manufacturers and retailers to meet at PLMA’s annual “World of Private Label” in Amsterdam. PLMA is filling the gap by launching the Online “World of Private Label”, to allow for manufacturers and retailers to continue business growth. Not in Amsterdam, but in the cloud, the show will be accessible from anywhere. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer with webcam and speakers, which is standard equipment for every company.


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